Yes, Unfortunately They Still Do The Pantless Subway Ride


Got a text from MillerTime Saturday reminding me to document the ‘Pantless Subway Ride’ on Sunday. I said thanks for the reminder and said good call but there was absolutely no way I was going there. Not because the Giants were on TV winning the first ever playoff game in the new Giants Stadium, but because if you’ve ever seen the people who participate in this event you would stay home that day too. It’s rarely hot chicks wearing lingerie or sexy underwear. It’s always fat, ugly, hairy people who sprawl out on the subway trains and make you feel awkward as hell.

I also never understood how people could feel comfortable riding the trains like that in the first place. Put the cold weather aside for a second and think about all the disgusting things you’ve ever seen happen on the subway and these people only have a thin layer of cotton separating their bare skin from those surfaces. Some don’t even have that. The only thing I will thank them for is that they did it on a Sunday when the rest of America was watching football and I hope they all took bleach showers when they got home.

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