Bikini Roller Hockey League Replaces The NHL Season


Welp, this is what it’s come down to guys. Replacement officials in the NFL absolutely butchering the integrity of the game, NHL picking up and moving to Russia, and is baseball still even going on?? Now it’s Lingerie Football and Bikini Roller Hockey. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing I’d like to see more than chicks dangling each other and going bar-down on a breakaway or chicks plastering each other against the boards but there comes a point where a man just needs normalcy in his life. And now is far from normalcy. Can’t even watch a regular hockey game, can’t do anything but cringe and fall asleep to these dragged out football games, and baseball is about as entertaining as golf right now.

Money has always ruled the world but the NHL and NFL need to treat their respective sports as a commodity and put money in to get money out. The whole lockout thing is getting old in every sport and they need to remember that they play for the fans. That’s who really loses here. It’s not about the players making millions or the owners losing money. Please the fans and the rest will fall into place.