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Gothamist: This was a Q train, I got on at Times Square after work around 9pm and I found her exactly like this, feet up, headphones on, bobbing her head, sipping her Becks, oblivious to people trying to find a seat. The train was pretty crowded, nowhere to sit. I rode the train all the way to Newkirk plaza and she was still there. It seemed to me she was getting off work as well because she had a badge or a keycard around her neck. I’m going to write a missed connection because she might be the one I’ve been waiting for…


Look there’s nothing more I like than a girl who gets off work and just wants to let loose and chug a beer like this chick. But when your feet look like you just walked from Financial District to the Upper West Side barefoot then I’m sorry but you’re getting next’d. The diseases that are on her feet probably haven’t been discovered yet. It’s a shame too cause the Ging had a lot going for her.




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Gothamist: Five people suffered minor injuries in a bizarre and terrifying escalator malfunction at the Exchange Place PATH station this morning. Because really, the last thing you want to have happen on a Monday morning is to have your crowded “up” escalator start going down. Fast. Port Authority spokesman Ron Marsico confirmed that five people were hurt when the escalator started moving in the wrong direction. “Fortunately none life-threatening,” he added. The cause of the accident is not currently clear—however we wouldn’t be surprised if the damage from Hurricane Sandy had something to do with it. This escalator accident comes almost exactly a year after an escalator malfunction at the World Trade Center PATH station caused serious headaches and claustrophobia-inducing photos (but thankfully no injuries).


Not gonna lie, I couldn’t help but laugh at the beginning of this. Men jumped up, laying on the side of the escalator like the Titanic going down. Maybe if we weren’t the fattest country in the world people could keep walking up the escalator like a stair master instead of all them piling up at the bottom. OR maybe someone could’ve just hit that big red STOP button. Either way dying in an escalator accident must be one of the worst ways to go out. And as for the bitch screaming at the end like a train just ran her over, I get that it’s scary but man up!