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DailyMail: The National Football League may soon be faced with its first openly gay player – a man who intends to keep playing after coming out. Football has never had a gay active player in its nearly 100-year history, but some have argued that it’s time for a change. That change is likely to come sooner rather than later, as a player is reportedly preparing to make a public announcement about his sexual orientation before the 2013 season.


So any guesses on who it will be? Whoever it is, let’s just hope they’re not on Chris Culliver’s team (49ers).

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This is just a random picture of Manti Te’o. In no way is it related to this blog post.

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Manti Te’o gets catfished, Christopher Dorner goes on a week long killing rampage, a meteorite slams into Russia, and Oscar Pistorius kills his hot girlfriend. These four stories have captured major headlines in recent news and each time I thought to myself, I wonder who is working on the Hollywood script for that right now. Then I started to ask myself which one would make the best movie “based on true events.” I mean obviously Hollywood will throw their own twist into each story to spice it up and make it more dramatic, but which one has the potential for an Oscar nod and who would play the characters. Here’s what I came up with:


1. “Lennay” – NFL prospect, Manti Te’o, leads a very unlikely Notre Dame football team to an undefeated season, possible Heisman Trophy, and a National Championship bid. Along the way, he loses his girlfriend and grandmother on the same day and plays in a game just a couple days later, leading his team to victory. After a crushing defeat in the National title game, Manti admits that his girlfriend was not only fake, but he even carried on with the lie because of embarrassment. More details emerge that a family friend was Catfishing him the whole time.

Hollywood Twist: Manti was in on the whole scam to gain popularity and votes for the Heisman Trophy. Not only did he lie and try to cover everything up, but he has an ongoing gay relationship with the family friend, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, who was “Catfishing” him. When all of the news breaks and the scandal is uncovered, Manti is found in his home dead with a bottle of pills next to his bed.

Who Would Play Who: Jay Laga’aia (Manti Te’o), Robbie Magasiva (Ronaiah Tuiasosopo)


2. “Holed Up” – After being fired from the LAPD, Christopher Dorner goes on a 9 day killing spree of police officers and causes the largest manhunt in LAPD history. With 4 people dead and 3 injured, Dorner is caught in the San Bernardino Mountains in a cabin after he stole a truck and held a couple captive. Authorities follow up on a tip and show up to the cabin but are immediately shot at, killing one officer.

Hollywood Twist: Christopher Dorner barricades himself in a cabin in the woods and becomes surrounded by authorities in his last stand. Having top level military training, police and FBI are reluctant to move in on him so they start a very controversial fire at the base of the house to smoke Dorner out. When the fire goes out the next day, police enter the cabin to find a charred body but after an autopsy, they find out the body is not Christopher Dorner. Turns out he had an accomplice who acted as him while he was able to escape town. Dorner is still out there on the loose…I smell sequel!

Who Would Play Who: IronE Singleton (Christopher Dorner), Billy Bob Thornton (Commanding Officer), Lance Reddick (Dorner’s Accomplice)


3. “Shooting Horizon” – Sergei Razamov is driving to work on a typically cold morning in Russia. As he sips his coffee, he notices an extremely bright light coming towards him in the sky. He pulls over to observe what he’s never seen before as a burning chunk of rock zips towards downtown Chelyabinsk faster than the speed of sound. About 30 seconds later a sonic boom loud enough to shatter windows, set off car alarms, and damage buildings echoes across the country.

Hollywood Twist: Unlike the actual event, the meteor smashes into Russia, causing unimaginable damage and sending rock sediment into the air. The dust that soars into the sky blocks out the sun and causes massive health problems for Russians who now need to find a way to survive under the conditions. Families cannot find loved ones and complete anarchy breaks out as the government cannot control it’s people.

Who Would Play Who: Daniel Craig (Sergei Razamov), Rachel Weisz (Sergei’s Wife), Peter Stormare (Heartless Russian Military Commander)


4. “The Longest 400 Metres” – Oscar Pistorius, AKA Blade Runner, overcame controversy in the 2012 Summer Olympics by being the first double amputee to compete in the mens 400 metre race. Many thought he had an advantage because of the prosthetic legs he used to run on but everything was approved by the Olympic Committee. Oscar won headlines for his feat and was spotlighted in both races he competed in, becoming a major story in the 2012 games. Shortly after, Pistorius began dating model Reeva Steenkamp. On Valentines Day, a 911 call was placed that Reeva had been shot multiple times in the couples bathroom. Pistorius claims he thought it was an intruder he had shot, but neighbors claim they had heard fighting earlier in the evening. Police also recovered a bloody cricket paddle and said Steenkamp’s head had been crushed. Pistorius maintains his innocence in what is sure to be the trial of the decade in South Africa.

Hollywood Twist: With the trial of the decade underway, the prosecution knows that Pistorius is anything but innocent but between screw ups at the crime scene and a consistent story from Oscar, they are having a tough time proving it. After a long, drawn out trial, the jury finds Blade Runner innocent which causes uproar in South Africa. During the search of the crime scene authorities also find PEDs which bans Pistorius from future competition and evidence later surfaces showing Pistorius intentionally killed Steenkamp but due to double jeopardy, he cannot be tried again.

Who Would Play Who: Guy Pearce (Oscar Pistorius), Blake Lively (Reeva Steenkamp), Kevin Spacey (Prosecutor)




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DailyMail: The woman who Manti Te’o thought was his girlfriend is an unsuspecting marketing executive who lives in Los Angeles, it was revealed today. Diane O’Meara, 23, was ‘shocked’ to find out that pictures off her Facebook page had been turned into fake Twitter profile for Te’o’s non-existent girlfriend Lennay Kekua. She only found out about the scam when a reporter from contacted her last week – but by then she had been Te’o’s ‘girlfriend’ for almost a year.


I already feel a good “Would You Rather” coming on for next week with this whole situation. That aside, Diane O’Meara looks like she’s doing well for herself, huh? It’s pretty funny how she didn’t want her name used at all and preferred to fly under the radar and then she hears the blogs and media trying to find out who this hot chick is and all the sudden there’s a gallery of photos that pop up and she releases her name. I ain’t gonna hate though. Good for her. Just another hot chick famous under the circumstances. Give it a week before Playboy is knocking on her door and/or she has some kind of reality show on TLC.

Manti CSC


OK so I’ve read this absolute shit storm of a story about 3 times now so let me try to break this down for everyone. I’ll pick up the story on the day of Manti’s grandmother’s death.

– September 11, 2012 Manti Te’o receives a call that his grandmother dies and shortly after, receives a call that his girlfriend Lennay Kekua has also died from complications from Leukemia. Previous to this day, no one had ever met Lennay but knew of the relationship. Manti says that Lennay had told him she wanted him to play in his game no matter what happened so Manti honors her wishes and even gets 2 interceptions plus a game ball from head coach Brian Kelly which is dedicated to Lennay.

– Lennay Kekua’s death now becomes much bigger than anyone would have thought and donations pour in from around the country as the story breaks outside the sports world and into the mainstream media world.

– A special story runs the morning of the National Championship game about Manti and Lennay’s relationship as well as their touching story. Deadspin reporters cannot find one record of Lennay’s death through Stanford (where she was supposedly a student), the Social Security Administration, or any other state records. Red flags go up all over the place.

Lennay CSC

– Deadspin uses an image matching program to track down the girl in the photo and to their surprise, she has no idea what’s going on, says her name is not Lennay Kekua, and has never even met Manti Te’o before. Here’s where it gets interesting! A kid she had gone to school with a year earlier had asked her to take a picture of her holding a sign that he could give his sister who had been in a car accident. The girl does without asking questions and that was basically that.

– The kid who asked the girl for the picture is Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, a family friend of Manti Te’o. Family members told Deadspin that Ronaiah created the character Lennay Kekua in 2008 and tried to carry out an online relationship with another person before everyone became suspicious and it was declared a prank. They also said that Manti’s relationship was also a prank but grew too big, too quick.

– A close friend of Ronaiah says he’s 80% sure that Manti was in on the prank because he thinks he wanted the publicity or else he wouldn’t have lied about meeting Lennay. Also, there was no way Manti could be that dumb to maintain a relationship with someone he had never met and there are apparently a ton of photos with Ronaiah and Manti together that have since been deleted.

So overall, this is a long Maury Povich version of the MTV show “Catfish”. And what can we take away from this? Well, there’s a couple possibilities.

1) Manti Te’o could be telling the truth and just really be dumb/embarrassed.

2) Manti Te’o could be IN on this whole thing and was doing it all for publicity but when the story got out of hand, it got to the point of no return.

3) Manti Te’o is carrying on some twisted gay relationship with this Ronaiah guy and we haven’t even scratched the surface of this scandal.

Either way, Notre Dame has got to be embarrassed as all hell and time will tell how this Hollywood movie will end…


This Manti Te’o shit is so fucked up that I don’t even know where to begin! All I do know is guess who wins out of this whole thing? Yea, the other fuckin liar who has a special coming out tomorrow with Oprah. Great timing! I’m sure Oprah and her struggling OWN network is ready to kill someone right now. They’ve been jacking up this interview all week and along comes some football college punk to make Lance’s admission look like a white lie.

Everyone keeps asking me what the story is and to be honest it’s like the first time I watched Inception. I have no idea. I’m gonna need to read up on this about 10 more times until I even get an idea of what’s going on. All I know is something along the lines of a fake girlfriend on Twitter that Te’o talked to on the phone at night and for some reason told people he met her when he never did. Straight up Hollywood movie script writing itself in front of us right now. If you care to read about the story I posted the link below. Have fun and explain it to me in a week when you understand it!

Side note: How fitting is Manti Te’o for the New York Jets all the sudden with all this negative media attention and drama. I think the 9th pick just got locked up in this year’s draft.