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These videos came out earlier this week and me and a co-worker got into discussing which one was better. Now obviously the Miami Dolphins video looks like it was shot by Spike Jonze but that aside, I love the ‘let’s do it on the fly’ look of the New Orleans Saints video. Also, as hot as just about every Dolphins cheerleader is, I’m a big fan of naturally beautiful girls and if you throw a southern drawl into that accent and I’m all about it. This really could go either way though. Who you got?

Side note: This song made me hate both videos equally



Giants Outlook: Week 8

Posted: October 28, 2011 by subwaycreatures in Sports
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Coming off a BYE week, we’re getting most of our starters back, and playing the Miami Dolphins. I mean jesus christ if the Giants don’t win by 50 points I’ll consider it a moral victory for the Dolphins. The defense might even put up more points than the offense this week! The only question I have is who plays quarterback for the Dolphins when Matt Moore and JP Losman are knocked out of the game? There is no third stringer listed as of now so maybe they’ll throw Reggie Bush out there to take some snaps. A 9 point spread is embarrassing and the Giants will cover the over on their own. Giants -9 and the over at 43.5. Done and done!


217 Miami Dolphins +9½  -110 +400
43½ O -110
U -110
218 New York Giants -9½  -110 -500
Week 8

I still can’t get over how that game ended last week. I was positive we had the game locked in the last 2 minutes. In the red zone, gonna take the lead, let the defense seal the game. No! Eli throws to Cruz who slips on his route and pick-6 city. Just sitting on my uncomfortable-as-fuck futon in shock but that’s Giants Football for ya. This week the G-Men are home against a surprising Bills team. Lock down Stevie Johnson, blitz the shit outta Ryan Fitzpatrick, game over. MillerTime is a huge Bills fans so it will be fun to rub it in his face at 4:15. No way will the Bills be 5-1 after this week even though I said that last week about the Seahawks. Mistakes were made and they won’t this week. I’m taking Giants -3 but I like the under at 50.

213 Buffalo Bills +3  +105 +160
50 O -110
U -110
23½ O -115
U -115
214 New York Giants -3  -125 -190
27 O -110
U -120
Week 6
After making some changes at wide receiver the Jets might have actually upgraded their offense. Giving this kid Kerley a chance to play might be beneficial for the struggling Jets. They also get to play a winless Miami team whose star wide receiver already is predicting to get thrown out of the game in the second quarter on Monday night. If the Jets can’t win on Monday against a team that is clearly crumbling and has no quarterback then let the Just End The Season talks begin. Jets take this game -7 with the over at 42.
225 Miami Dolphins +7  -110 +250
42½ O -110
U -110
17½ O -120
U -110
226 New York Jets -7  -110 -300
24½ O -120
U -110
ESPNWeek 6