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Subway Treasure Thursdays!

Posted: August 9, 2012 by subwaycreatures in Subway Treasures
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Introducing Erica Simone! Want to see more of her naked travels around NYC? Check out her website


Victims first answer, bath salts. That’s what the media has done to us. Bath salts and zombies. I’ve seen the movie “Falling Down” and maybe this guy was just having one of those days. Either way Arizona is gonna throw the book at him and Sheriff Arpaio will have him in a pink jump suit slaving away in the desert sun.


Yes, Shia LaBeouf has gone off the deep end.

-Thanks to Chris for this


I tried to upload the video to multiple sites and they all rejected it (no surprise). Here is the link, enjoy!


The lower half of my body is so confused right now.


So here’s our Real Or Fake video of the day. I’m 110% positive this is fake solely on the reaction of the photographers and cameraman after the bride runs away. They suddenly turn their cameras and start snapping pictures of the crowds reactions. Anyway, maybe you have a different opinion. Real or Fake?






Another toughy…I’m gonna go out on a limb and say both groups are on some crazy drugs but who ya got?

Subway Treasure Thursday!

Posted: November 10, 2011 by subwaycreatures in Subway Treasures
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Photo shoot in the subway. That ass is eating the shit outta that underwear!

Daily Mail:

A topless, drunken woman led police on a car chase along route 422 at speeds of up to 128mph before surrendering to officers. Erin B. Holdsworth, 28, of Hiram, Ohio, was found to be wearing only fishnet stockings, a g-string and high heels when she was arrested in Auburn Township. Officers used stingers along the highway to disable two of Holdsworth’s tires and she was forced to pull over on the side of the road a short time later. When they approached her vehicle, the nearly-naked woman got out and staggered across the road before she was handcuffed. She has been charged with operating a vehicle impaired (OVI), refusing a blood alcohol test, fleeing and eluding, criminal damage, driving under a suspended licence, speeding and reckless operation at Chardon Municipal Court. Chief Jon Bokovitz, of the Bainbridge Police Department, said Holdsworth was taken to a Geauga County Safety Center after her arrest on October 11, before she was released pending the charges, Fox News reported.

Thank you Ohio, just another gem to add to your resume. Topless, in a g-string, and wearing sneakers sounds pretty close to most girls Halloween costumes and with Halloween right around the corner are we sure blondie wasn’t coming from a costume party? And how classy was she in that cop car? Tattoos up her legs and screaming in some devilish tone. Love this move right here:
Speaking of Halloween, hope to see people at the Westside Beer Garden on Saturday night on 33rd and 8th. Free admission before 10PM and $10 after that. Costumes a must and password is ‘beaver’. Can’t make this shit up!

Dude Hanging Out On The Subway

Posted: August 16, 2011 by subwaycreatures in Strange
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Shirt? Check. Hoodie? Check. Black socks? Check. Shoes? Check. Well, time to start my day on the good ol’ E train! When I see videos like this, I don’t blame the asians for walking around with bio masks on. This makes me never want to sit on a subway car or even hold onto the railings. I swear I’m currently in the process of learning how to “subway surf” or ride the train without having to touch anything. It’s a lot easier with the shocks they have on the new trains since the older trains are basically like riding one of the runaway mine shaft cars from Indiana Jones. Once I’ve mastered it I promise to pass the technique on to everyone.

Oh, and what is this guy actually doing during the whole video? From the looks of it, braiding his Sasha Grey-like pubes.