‘Extreme Cougar Wives’ Is Not Something I Want To Watch But Probably Will


I just got the chills you get when your whole body shakes in disgust. You know, like when you see a 70 something year old lady sucking face with a dude in his 20s. Yet another show on TV that I shouldn’t want to watch but probably will purely for the shock factor. Just like the sushi cologne that came out, I can’t believe there’s a market for these dried up ladies. I guess everyone’s got their thing but flabby tits and saggy asses ain’t mine.

Yes They Exist, 31-Year Old Babies Who Still Wear Diapers And Drink From Bottles


Minus the props, I have a couple friends like this. Old as fuck still getting pampered at home. Not sure they go as far as having their psycho mothers change their diapers but let’s just say they are still dependent on the little things. This show has gotta be one of the scariest shows on TV. Some of the other stories they do are bad but this has got to be the most horrifying one I’ve seen. Straight up reminds me of Francis from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. Guy has issues beyond therapy and he shouldn’t be allowed out of his crib. Perfect girl for this guy? Courtney Stodden only because I feel like they are mentally on the same level and she clearly likes creeps. For the second part of the video click here.

Most disturbing line: I feel like when I’m wearing a diaper, it’s a constant hug from Mommy.