Ryan Lochte Is Dumb As Fuck…And That Is Pretty Fuckin Dumb!


I hate everything Ryan Lochte represents other than the USA. The guy defines the word ‘tool’ and this has been a big week for him. I’m not talking about him swimming. I’m talking about his mother coming out telling the world her son only does one-night stands, his ‘cool’ mouth piece, and his overall arrogance. The guy resembles a dumber Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High if that’s even possible and I can’t do anything but cringe when he’s interviewed. If this dude couldn’t swim I’m 99% sure he’d be a cum dumpster behind In-N-Out. In fact, I hope he makes the best of his 15 minutes because after the Olympics he’ll do some reality show, fizzle out, and Ryan Lochte will be the guy you call up to plunge your toilet. Again, I hate him.

Can Anyone Make Falling Look Hotter Than Nastia Liukin?


I don’t know if it was the spitting into her hand before her run or just the fact that the other girls look like NFL linebackers, but Nastia Liukin has got something about her. I mean she made that fall look like some kind of sexy photoshoot. So Shawn Johnson retired and Nastia’s butterfingers cost her a spot on the team. No reason to watch gymnastics in the Olympics this year.