Brent Musburger And Kirk Herbstreit Made A Mess In The Press Box Last Night


Introducing Katharine Webb. Former Miss Alabama, AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, and now frequent visitor of Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit’s spank bank. How awkward and unnecessary was that little break in the action? Don’t get me wrong, showing her cheering in the stands and explaining who she is was fine in my book, but when you go to the lengths these guys did, it gets a little weird. Almost makes you wonder if they forgot they were on air. I guess they needed to do whatever they could to take the focus off of the raping that was occuring on the field.

Side note: By the sound of his voice, it would not surprise me if Brent was unzipped and choking himself with his microphone chord the very next commercial break.

Waffle House Brawl In Alabama


There was a lot of red in this fight and I don’t know if it was because of the Crimson Tide or gang related so I’ll be careful with what I say. Really wish I had a translator who spoke southern black though cause I didn’t understand one word in this video. I’m gonna start with the little guy who, as always, talks a mean game when standing behind his boys and just gets stomped out. You gotta pick and choose your fights little man and I didn’t see any 6th graders around so this wasn’t your fight.

Chairs, glass, body slams…this fight had it all but I’m just curious about why IHOP’s and Waffle Houses are always the venue for these brawls. Is it worth it to stay open late night for these places when once a month you’re replacing everything in your establishment? Just wondering.