The New Vaportini Allows You To Inhale Alcohol Vapors And Get Wrecked

VaportiniCSC The Vaportini is legal to sell in all states for any establishment with a “Consumption on Premise” license. The alcohol consumed through a Vaportini will be detected by a blood alcohol test. Because of the revolutionary nature of the Vaportini’s approach to the consumption of alcohol, it can be intimidating. However, it is simple, natural and enjoyable. About 5 minutes after the vessel containing the spirits is placed on the base, it is ready to consume. The recommended amount of spirits is 1 ounce. One inhales through the straw and holds their breathe for a moment and then exhales. That’s it. The effects are felt immediately because the alcohol is going directly through the bloodstream. Most people experience a relaxed and mellow feeling. Depending on how aggressively a Vaportini is consumed, it is still “active” for 20-40 minutes. There will be liquid left in the vessel after the Vaportini is exhausted, but that is merely the water in the liquor.  The effects don’t last as long as traditional consumption, but that can certainly be a positive aspect.


Well I’m sure the women over at MADD are pumped about this one. How long do you think it will take before a couple of college kids create a 6 foot Vaportini and everyone at the party looks like Jonestown shortly after? Don’t get me wrong, I want one of these just to say I have one but the fact that you can take 5 rips of this thing and be drunker than this chick, means this thing is trouble city.  I mean if you got kids ramming vodka covered tampons up their ass along with beer funnels, what kind of damage do you think they will do with one of these when all you have to do is inhale some grain alcohol vapor???

Digital Ice Cubes Warn You Before Blacking Out


EliteDaily: Last fall, MIT graduate student Dhairya Dand had too much to drink at a campus party, and woke up in the emergency room seven hours later after blacking out. Rather than slowing down, he decided to create a digital ice cube that warns people before they black out. The 23-year-old studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology invented the digital ice cubes to measure how drunk he is to avoid a similar situation in the future. The cubes are made from gelatin and implanted with infrared transmitters, accelerometers and LED lights that change color from green to yellow to red, depending on how quickly he’s imbibing booze and how much he’s had. The accelerometers measure the number of sips one is taking, giving an estimate of the user’s blood alcohol content, which is said to be about 80 percent accurate. If the user continues to drink despite the red light, the digital ice cube will send a text message to his friends saying that he should be taken home. The idea came to him, he said, after he was ordered to write a 20 page research paper about the dangers of binge drinking after he got into trouble with the university administration for his drunken night.


Yea great idea Dhairya, ya fuckin’ cock block. Just cause you pissed your pants in a hospital bed one night doesn’t mean you have to ruin it for the rest of us. Now not only do I get to look forward to a red light going off in a hot mess’s drink, but I get to deal with her BFFE showing up asking me why I’m dragging her lifeless friend out of the bar by her foot. Let’s not forget that some of us drink to forget on purpose. As my one friend said, at least we still have Molly!

Someone Filmed A Butt Chug Over The Weekend


Oh college how I miss thee. Times, however, appear to have changed a little bit. Butt chugging is now a thing as well as stuffing alcohol soaked tampons in your ass. I don’t get it but who am I to judge? This is coming from the guy who smoked chewing tobacco out of a bong for some reason. Anyway, this kid is one hospital visit away from a news press conference to deny he ever had a tube funneling beer into his rectum.