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Yeaaaaa, I can kinda see why now. Great idea but not sure who thought that would actually fly.


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3. Michael Buffer Progressive – There is nothing worse than waking up hungover on a Sunday morning afternoon and putting on some SportsCenter to catch up on last nights games when Michael Buffer comes on and gives his Rumble bullshit for 15 straight seconds. Hey Michael, you think you broke your spleen? My head literally might explode in a second and your obnoxious yelling just forced me to puke all over myself. Thanks and fuck you Progressive.


2. The little girl from the AT&T commercial – Love these commercials. I think they are pretty damn funny and the guy who stars in all of them absolutely nails that role of being an asshole to these little kids. That being said, I get what the point of this girl not making sense is but it drives me nuts. I have no idea what she’s rambling on about and the fact that this particular one is the one I see the most has never made me want to punch a child more before. Why can’t you run the one with the black kid who can wave his hands in two different directions more?


1. Stewie from Family Guy Google Chrome – Stop! Make it stop! I’m pretty sure there’s never been a better case for pro-abortion than this commercial. If my 55-inch TV fit out of my jail cell apartment window it would have a long time ago. I actually hate Google Chrome now simply because of this commercial.


Side note: I watched a Bar Rescue (possibly one of the greatest shows on TV right now) marathon yesterday and there were 6 minute commercial breaks in between each segment. Yes, I counted. There should honestly be some kind of law against that.


Sweet Brown is still riding her 15 minute wave and that’s fine, I can’t be mad at her for that. But here’s the problem. This has gotta be the worst commercial of all time, right? Clearly Don Draper wasn’t the advertising mastermind behind putting a crackhead with yellow and gold teeth on a dental commercial. We live in a time where you can at least CGI a new mouth on this bitch or photoshop her teeth white but when you come out rolling with these Chiclets, I can only think fail. “Shoreline Dental, ain’t nobody got time for that!”


Picture 11


EliteDaily: Apparently, this scene took somewhere around 60 takes before the director believed Refaeli and actor Jesse Heiman had attained perfection. No, we’re not screwing with you. This kid got to make out with Bar Refaeli between 45 and 60 fucking times. “It was somewhere between 45 and 65 [takes],” the 34-year-old Heiman told CNN. “I know the rumors online are that I was the one asking for more takes, but it was actually give-and-take – she was asking for more, too.” And how would he describe what it was like to kiss Bar Refaeli? “It was like kissing paradise. Like kissing God’s hands,” Heiman said to the New York Daily News.


I can’t even begin to tell you how mad this commercial gets me every time I see it. The awkwardness, sound effects, and overall discomfort piled on top of my jealousy makes it easily the worst commercial of all time. And now you’re going to tell me it took 60 goddamn takes?! Then on top of that this guy says it was like kissing God’s hands? Do you think Bar appreciates that you just compared her face to a set of dry, ragged hands? I’m imagining that’s what they are like since He uses them all the time to do crazy shit. At least say ‘it was like kissing a goddess’ and stop being so specific! Welp, looks like I’m in Hater Stage 1.


Adweek: It looks like New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow is finally getting a starring role. Unfortunately for him, it won’t be on the field against the Jaguars this Sunday. It’s in this new ad for TiVo. The company announced in two videos last month that Tebow would be its new brand ambassador—and not just because his name sounds almost identical to its own. “He is a highly Googled, highly buzzed-about, talked-about athlete as there is in the world,” CEO Tom Rogers told Bloomberg. “We’re going to make much better use of him than the Jets have this season.” Well, have they? The new spot opens with Tebow lounging in a spare living room with two children explaining that they just got a TiVo. “Mom did a TiVo search on you … Now, whenever you’re on a show, any show, it gets recorded,” says the sister. “And then, she watches you in sloooow-mo,” chimes in the shaggy headed little brother. “My dad is not your biggest fan right now,” says the girl. “I can’t see why,” Tebow replies with a smile. “TiVo makes TV about a thousand times better,” he says in the closing voiceover. If this whole football thing doesn’t work out, he won’t have acting to fall back on, either.


My name’s Tim Tebow and I don’t know what to do with my hands right now and for some reason I keep shrugging my shoulders to make my talking look more animated! Jesus Christ TT, I’d say don’t quit your day job but that doesn’t seem to be working out for ya either. Watching these TiVo ads is like walking in on your parents having sex. I’m just cringing at the awkwardness of him trying to read lines and answer questions not related to football or the bible. Tim just relax! This is about the most action you’re going to see all year minus the sweat you break praying before game time. Make the best of it because this is most likely your future talking to a camera and not playing football in front of it. Tebow, makes Tivo…about a thousand times more awkward.

-Thanks to John at AdWeek for this


If you weren’t scared of clowns growing up, maybe this will do it for ya…

And Here Is Your WTF Video Of The Week!

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If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is. The scariest ice cream commercial ever!

Vinnie T Wants To Sell You A Mattress!

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It’s OK, he’s wearing leather! Oh OK.


For those of you who missed the ‘How To Not Get Raped‘ PSA yesterday, here’s a similar commercial about drugs and rollerskating.

Personally…I say go rollerskating on drugs.


Oh yea, I guess a cockroach calling another cockroach a fuckin’ cock sucker won’t fly in a commercial spot while you got the family huddled around the TV watching Glee. Other than that, I see no problem with the waxing and grinding references. They’re just talking about skateboarding, right? Either way, what a waste of using Kate Upton in a commercial.