Margaret Jackson Stabs Would-Be Robber In The Neck With A BBQ Fork


There’s just something about black people telling an eyewitness account to the news that makes the story 100X more interesting and compelling. First we had Antoine Dodson give his account of an attempted rape that had every white kid wearing a wife beater and red bandana that following Halloween. Then came along Sweet Brown who told us ‘she ain’t got time’ for an apartment fire.

Now introducing Margaret Jackson. Giving out reenactments like an Emmy is on the line. Well I salute you Ms. Jackson. You may not have gotten that nap but you put every ounce of energy into your story to become today’s internet sensation.

Personal Hygiene

Fresh off the 7 train…Don’t hate on this guy! I’m sure dude’s got a huge date coming up tonight and he’s just trying to get his shit together. I like his style too. Make due with what you got around you. “Damn I forgot my comb at my cardboard box under the bridge. Oh look, a fork on the ground!” I also love how oblivious he is to the person filming directly across from him. Either that or he could give two fucks cause he knows he’s gettin’ it in tonight! Comb on old man, comb on.