Is This Drunk Chick On The 7 Train Onto Something?

It’s Halloween night and damn Britney Spears is fucked up! Actually no matter what night it is, if it’s 4am on the 7 train you’re bound to see this. I give this chick a lot of credit, however. It’s almost like she knows exactly how far to fall without touching the guy sitting next to her. And what the hell do you think she’s dreaming of? My guess is she watched Jersey Shore before she went out and can’t get that picture of Situation ramming his own head into a concrete wall. She’s got the perfect form for it. Either that or the SNL skit of Will Ferrell giving himself a hummer in yoga class.


All of the above are acceptable answers but I think she might be on to something here. Imagine how ripped this chicks abs are going to be! She’s just created a two minute ab workout and I’d buy two minute abs way before I’d buy 8 minute abs plus I get to be black out drunk when I do it. Sure, the repercussions suck (miss my stop, robbed, raped, blah, blah, blah) but I’ll still wake up with a chiseled 6-pack without knowingly doing anything.


Side note: Has anyone actually tried to do the Will Ferrell move? I mean, I haven’t of course, I’m just wondering…

Personal Hygiene

Fresh off the 7 train…Don’t hate on this guy! I’m sure dude’s got a huge date coming up tonight and he’s just trying to get his shit together. I like his style too. Make due with what you got around you. “Damn I forgot my comb at my cardboard box under the bridge. Oh look, a fork on the ground!” I also love how oblivious he is to the person filming directly across from him. Either that or he could give two fucks cause he knows he’s gettin’ it in tonight! Comb on old man, comb on.