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This Week In Ridiculously Stupid News…

Posted: October 17, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Dumb
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Here’s one for ya kids. Don’t use a match or lighter or any form of fire to see inside your gas tank. The more you know!


Screen shot 2013-10-17 at 10.47.45 AM


A dive for the ages folks! Firework goes off 15 feet away from the goalie and he instantly goes down grabbing his head like an IED just went off and he’s missing half his face. Oh I’m sorry, did that hurt your ears? Funny you can take 80,000 fans screaming and chanting as loud as any other sport but when someone throws a party popper onto the field you need a stretcher and an ENT doctor on spot immediately. It’s always the best when something else happens that makes the player forget about his injury. Guess your hearing isn’t that bad since you clearly heard your teammates say incoming. Unreal how this sport is tolerated.