So What Was With All The Bodies In The Subway Over The Weekend?

HuffPost: This past weekend, New York City’s subway system experienced four deaths in less than 24 hours. The Associated Press reports that all of the incidents took place on Saturday, and police say none of the victims were related. The first death occurred on Saturday morning at 2:01 a.m. at an R train station in Elmhurst, Queens. According to The Wall Street Journal, the victim is believed to have fallen down the stairs. The AP adds that he was reportedly in his 60s. About six hours later, the AP reports that a man in his 20s was struck and killed by an L train on 14th Street in Manhattan. Daily Intel adds that he was standing on the tracks between 3rd Avenue and Union Square. The Wall Street Journal identified the victim as Brian O’Mara of Garden City, N.Y., and put his time of death at 8:25 a.m. The third fatality occurred on the A line Saturday afternoon in Brooklyn at the Nostrand Avenue station. The Wall Street Journal writes that a little after 4 p.m., an MTA employee spotted a body on the tracks within the subway tunnel. On Saturday evening, the fourth death took place on the L line in Manhattan. The New York Daily News reports that at about 10 p.m., a man’s head was spotted between a subway car and platform within the Sixth Avenue station.


So apparently Death was in town riding the subways on Saturday and just leaving bodies all over the place like it was Jonestown. Is that a rat at the end of the platform? No, looks more like a human head. Oh, ok. Sounds like some Final Destination kind of shit and wherever that 5th victim is who made it out alive, you don’t have very long before you cross the street and get crushed by a garbage truck.


Nothing Like Getting Caught Jerking Off In The NYC Subway



Video taken at 3:20 A.M., Saturday September 3, 2011, at Broadway-Lafayette station in New York City. This man exposed himself and masturbated for over twenty minutes on an isolated subway platform. I made two complaints to the station agent, but the masturbator got on a downtown F train around 3:35 A.M. He was not apprehended.

So you leave the bar lonely and miserable after striking out with every chick you approached that night. You don’t wanna spend a lot of money on a cab so you decide to duck into the subway and jump on the F train. You get down there only to find that you are alone on the platform. Do you A) sit down and wait for the train B) Think about what booty call you’re gonna hit up as soon as you get home or C) Whip out your cock and just ferociously jerk off until the next train comes? If you’ve selected C, then this was most likely you this past Saturday. This guy is cranking his wood like he’s 16 years old with an addiction problem. And in the subway no less? This guy MUST be a CitySubwayCreature follower and be thinking of all the Subway Treasures we’ve been posting. That’s the only thing I can think of.

It always amazes me how people like this are so oblivious to their surroundings. How do you not see the person across the way filming you?! Do you think you’re the only one who uses the subway at 3:30am on a Saturday morning? I must say, there’s nothing more that turns me on than the NYC subway late at night. The garbage, the rats, the strange people you come across. Shit, I’m getting hard talking about it. This man defines the term City Subway Creature!


Side note: For those of you who take the F train, think about this video next time you’re on it and holding onto that hand railing.