Pantless Subway Rider Sluts It Up All Over Union Square [NSFW]


Look up the definition of “hood rat or “ratchet” and you will see a chick with tattoos up and down her legs, grinding all over a subway railing and literally getting a public colonoscopy while dollar bills rain down on her. Somewhere in America there’s a father who just watched this slumped over with a single gunshot wound to the head. The only positive thing I can say about this is that thank Christ this wasn’t at Puerto Rican Day Parade or else we’d be having a completely different conversation.

Aaron Rodgers Lookalike Goes Bonkers In Union Square Station


Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Pretty sure Aaron Rodgers was in town looking for the Vince Lombardi trophy that he probably thought he deserved but ended up in the subway at Union Square hopping around in a woman’s bathing suit feeling the music of the bird. Poor guy…someone throw some change at him.