This Woman’s Face Explains It All

Picture 10


So I guess this is India’s version of America’s Got Talent and what their talent is…is um…well they can break things over their bodies. This chick’s reaction is what was worth it for me. Just shitting curry in her pants the entire performance. I promise you this was her response when they were done with their routine:

Dutch Game Show Deports Contestants

Wow! I mean what a concept. The contestants have no idea that all of them, including the winner, are immediately being deported as soon as the producer yells ‘Cut. That’s a wrap!’ I would watch this show every single week and it would HAVE to be on FOX right? The American version would, of course, be more heartless and entertaining. “Congratulations on your win Pedro! Now here’s $4,000 for you to start your new life…BACK IN MEXICO!” The questions the contestants would be asked would have to foreshadow what’s coming at the end of the show. “So Juan, what exactly does I.N.S. stand for?”  “Esperanza you’re up. What is the color of the card needed to be in this country?” The idea is brilliant and watching these people’s reactions go from ‘holy shit I’m winning this bitch’ to ‘holy shit what just happened’ is worth so much more than the 4Gs the winner gets. Sorry but you DO NOT pass GO, you DO NOT collect $200, and have fun on that drive back to the homeland watching what ‘could’ve been’ out the window.


Sidenote: Does the creator of this Dutch game show not look exactly like you would expect him to look? A cross between a comic book villain and an extra from Die Hard 2.