Get Ready For A Rat Infested Summer In The Subway!

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Groom Has Pubes Glued To His Face During Bachelor Party

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Mirror: A man has been given the ultimate stag-do makeover by his pals who glued their PUBIC HAIR to his face. Brave Mark Longley was gaffer taped to to a wheelchair wearing nothing but incontinence pants, clown shoes and the ‘new’ beard. Mark’s friends also drew male genitals on the soon-to-be married man’s chest as they took him on a stag party to Bognor Regis via a train from their home town of Crawley yesterday. A photo of the groom has now gone viral on Facebook and other social networks, after it was originally uploaded by Mark’s best man Steve West. It has been claimed that the pubic hair of around 40 men was used to make the beard. Steve, who organised the prank, posted: “I was honoured and thought it was very nice of him…but also very silly because he’s now on his stag do, on a train to Bognor, gaffer taped to a wheelchair, in just a pair of incontinence pants, clown shoes, silly socks, a penis drawn on his chest and lots of strangers writing on him and has many of his friends’ pubes glued to his face. “He’s also holding a cabbage that is his best friend for the weekend. If he drops it or puts it down he’s going to be doing forfeits. Personally I think he looks like a bit of a plonker.”

Now doesn’t she just sound lovely!

‘The Walking Dead’ Actor Flips Out On NYC Subway

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TMZ:  Chad L. Coleman — an actor who famously played Tyreese on “The Walking Dead” and Cutty on “The Wire” had a complete meltdown Friday on a New York City subway train. Coleman is screaming, making sure everyone knows he’s Chad L. Coleman from “The Walking Dead” and “The Wire.” His rant is nonsensical and ear-shattering loud. You see passengers recoil and eventually the seats around him are empty. We spoke with Coleman, who told us he heard a guy and a girl on the train talking, trying to figure out where they knew him. He says the guy told the girl, “No, we don’t know that n*****,” and that set him off. As for the screams about humanity, he says he was referencing the problems in Baltimore. He says he was sober on the train.

NYC Bans Political Ads In Subway

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Someone Forgot To Take Her Meds Today

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Man Tries To Hold Back Laughter From Passenger’s Singing

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Drunk Guy Pisses Without Even Sitting Up On NYC Subway

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FOXInsider: The heart stopping moment a Good Samaritan saved a man who fell off a train platform was caught on surveillance camera. Footage from Philadelphia’s 15th Street Station shows Alfred McNamee slipping off the platform and falling head first onto the SEPTA tracks on Wednesday evening. Seconds later, Charles Collins leaped onto the tracks to save McNamee from getting hit by a train. The 28-year-old hero pushed the man up and towards the platform edge, where other commuters helped to pull them both to safety. McNamee suffered a number of serious injuries, including a broken back. Collins only suffered a minor leg injury.

Some Ratchet Subway Pole Dancing To Start The Day

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