And Now For Your WTF Video Of The Week

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My knees hurt just watching this. And how in the hell does this kid get crossed up by a guy like this?! I’ll give him credit for doing what he’s doing but there’s not much element of surprise. Like I know where you’re going with the ball and you still have to shoot it over me.

Side note: Let the Derek Rose jokes ensue…





And Now For Your Prank Of The Week

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Great prank, great results. Even though this guy was probably too drunk to realize what was going on, we luckily have it on camera to remind him…


Screen shot 2015-02-25 at 11.42.04 AM

Introducing The Baby Who Laughs Like A Troll

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Wanna smile/laugh today? Go no further than this video!




Clevescene: In the midst of this morning’s Fox 8 morning show, during a discussion of Lady Gaga’s performance at the Oscar’s last night, Kristi Capel dropped “jigaboo” into the conversation as an adjective to describe Lady Gaga’s music. Not good, ladies and gents. Wayne Dawson’s reaction is interesting. Capel, in response to some heat on Twitter, did apologize later on, saying she had no idea what the word meant.



Kristi, Kristi, Kristi. You know what’s really unfortunate? When you don’t know what a racist word means yet use it in perfect context. Her co-anchor’s reaction is priceless. Basically mumbling under his breath: “HAHA suck my dick with that jigaboo comment, Kristi!”

Side note: Not a huge Gaga fan but she straight up killed it last night!





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Guy Takes Roundhouse Kick To Head In Street Fight Knockout

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Shoulda kept walking away, bruh. That contact sound tho…




Some end of the world looking shit right here.





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This guy might be the scam next to Alex Rodriguez. You might notice that there are 0 balls in the spot next to him and double the amount in his. Yea, he’s got a nice flow going but part of the game is making shots with how many balls you have. If you’re gonna juice the balls then you’re gonna have a fat asterisk next to that 491 score.

Side note: I’ll give him credit on that power move when he wiped his face and walked away like he came up short of what score he wanted



Guy Is Out Of His Mind High On NYC Subway

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Remember that first time you got drunk and someone passed you a blunt and against your better judgement you hit it? 5 minutes later you get the spins and you’re talking like this guy? I don’t really either. Just like hopefully this guy doesn’t remember this. Keep it at home people!