Massive Vagina Ads Popping Up In NYC Subway

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image1 Roughly half of the human population menstruates at some point in their lives. Women know this. Men know this. And yet, few talk about it openly. From an early age, we’re taught that periods are disgraceful and dirty, leaving women feeling embarrassed and alone. That’s one reason why Thinx, a menstrual underwear company “committed to breaking the taboo around menstruation,” decided to propose a provocative new advertising campaign for the New York City subway, which acknowledges upfront how frequently periods are shrouded in silence and shame. According to Thinx co-founder and CEO Miki Agrawal, the campaign pushes the envelope with purpose, relying on suggestive imagery as a way to start a conversation about menstruation stigma. One of the ads shows a photo of a cracked egg, an allusion to the unfertilized eggs expelled during menstruation. Another features a woman in a tank top and underwear, next to a picture of a grapefruit. 

“If you look, it could potentially be a vagina, but it’s clearly a grapefruit,” Agrawal told Mic. 

That apparently didn’t matter, however, to the gatekeepers who reportedly objected to Thinx’s proposal — not only because of the innuendo in the ads, but allegedly because they also contained the word “period.” 

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Chick Gets Decked In Subway Brawl

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It’s gonna be LOOOUUUDDDD!

One-Legged Woman Break Dances In Subway

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AMNY: There are plenty of performers in the subway trying to get attention, but one breakdancer stole the show recently at the Union Square stop with more than just her moves. Australian-born Roya Abdolhosini, also known as Roya the DestRoya, not only impressed an audience with her dancing, she also inspired many people because she did so despite having only one leg.

“I just want to dance, and seeing people smile from it makes my day,” she said. “And it feels good.”

A video of the 27-year-old woman’s performance at the 14th Street-Union Square subway station got widespread attention last week days after being posted on Facebook, where it was was seen more than 270,000 times and was written about by the Daily Mail U.K. Abdolhosini, who currently lives in Montreal, where she was training in dancing and circus arts, said she was surprised by the response. She said she was visiting New York for three weeks during the holidays, and was hanging out with some friends when she did the impromptu dance. In the video, taken by a friend, she throws down her crutches before dropping to the floor to perform, including doing a long handstand for gawking straphangers. She said she’s received a lot of messages of support from people of all ages.

“It makes me feel really good,” she said. “It’s really, really nice.”

Abdolhosini, who says her leg “simply didn’t grow” like it was supposed, got started in gymnastics before moving on to circus arts, dancing and other body movement. She said she is raising money to potentially return to the United States for more training opportunities as she works to achieve her dream. She said her goal is to join a circus company or a concert tour that requires dancers. “I just want to perform,” she said.


Drunk Lady Gets Dragged Off SEPTA Train

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Pizza Rat Is Back And Eating Other Rats This Time

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Let’s be honest, the chances of this being pizza rat are slim to none but we’re New Yorkers so of course it’s the same goddamn rat. Here’s the full story below from

NYMag: New York got its first subway-rat video of the new year Saturday night when YouTube user JB José captured footage of a rat dragging another, clearly dead rat down the stairs at Jay Street–Metrotech in Brooklyn, eventually hauling the stiff carcass down the platform and off into the subway-tunnel darkness. Since the anthropomorphization of subway vermin is now a thing, JB imagined some possible explanations in his caption for the video:

A little before midnight on Jan 2, 2016 at Jay St-Metrotech, Pizza Rat emerges from the darkness to retrieve his fallen comrade. Was it trying to the “wake up” the other? Was it taking it away to eat? Will we ever know?

Reached for clarification by Gothamist, JB emphasized that the rat really had just appeared and then specifically sought out the body, much to the delight and disgust of onlookers. Rat Law & Order fan-fiction is now sure to follow, but considering the fact that the two closest pizza places to Jay Street–Metrotech are a 99¢ joint and a Papa John’s, cannibalism seems more than likely in this case.

Woman Threatens To Stab Passenger In Australia

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First rule on the subway–unless someone is in physical danger–mind your own business. Not only was nothing accomplished here but the problem multiplied when this guy tried to speak up. I almost want to apologize for posting this video because of how annoying these assholes are but I thought maybe we can learn to keep our mouths shut on the train from watching it. And as I wrote that sentence now I feel like an asshole because I know that will never happen. So what did we learn here? Everyone are assholes. Hm.

Irate Man Flips Out When NYPD Pepper Sprays Him

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