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I’m pretty sure just about every unspoken rule of fighting is broken in this one fight. A 4 on 1 to start things off, a guy coming in from the blind side with haymakers, and then the old kick’em when their down to finish the brawl off. Simply amazing! All we were missing was a curb stomp and maybe someone pulling a spiked bat and we would have nailed everything. Karma is a dish served best via Nike Air Force Ones to the head.

Who am I kidding? I’ve never followed any rules when it comes to fighting.

This Is Exactly What You Get When You Try To Be A Badass

Posted: October 30, 2012 by subwaycreatures in Funny
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Night, night! And what’s up with the monkey man who jumps into the ring at the 0:45 mark? Your boy got knocked out, not killed.


Is carrying a samurai sword even street legal? I don’t know what the laws are for that but I can tell you right now that if this geek pulled a 2 1/2 foot sword on my ass I’m walking away too. You know this kid has been waiting for this day to go down his whole life. This was his wet dream come true and even though he came in his pants, he’s forever known as the Light Rail Katana Kid.


When you troll as hard as this sidewalk sleeper, I would consider getting knocked out a moral victory. If that’s the least that happened to him screaming the N word in a black guy’s face on the subway in Queens, then he should count his blessings. He’ll still wake up homeless but he’ll still be alive. On second thought maybe a quick death was what he was going for.


Let me be clear, never cool to hit a girl…in most cases. But when you have this hood rat barking in your ear and physically assaulting you, I consider that self defense. The bus driver put it best, she wanna be a man, I’ma treat you like a man! Were there better ways to handle this situation? Of course, but you’re in downtown Cleveland. Cops don’t give a shit.


So let me get this straight. Kid gets bullied while doing a news segment about bullying. Kid finally stands up for himself by punching bully in face. Kid gets suspended from school. What the fuck is wrong with this country? My kids would never get bullied, you know why? Because not only would I encourage them to punch any punk kid in the face, but I would probably hang the kid by his legs from a tree and let the other kids tee off on them like a pinata. Oh you want to suspend my kid 3 days from school? OK Junior, let’s go to Florida for a long weekend and pick this up when we get back.

Probably why I don’t have any kids and probably never will.

The Deadliest Legs In Martial Arts

Posted: October 5, 2012 by subwaycreatures in Awesome
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I thought black people were the only ones who reacted this way when they get scared. Guess I learn something new everyday. Also, me and the person who found this both agree that it wouldn’t be as funny if the snowman didn’t knock the unsuspecting little girl over.


-Thanks to Meghan for this!


I have all the respect in the world for MMA fighters. Simply out of their fucking minds to take the kinds of beatings they do for a living and at the end of the day, some are just getting by financially. But I mean you HAVE to call it quits when you lose to a dude with one arm, right? I mean, this is what you do for a living and you just went night-night to a guy who has a total disadvantage. I’m not trying to act like I know everything about the sport but when a guy is missing half his left arm, doesn’t that mean he can’t protect that side of his head? Don’t you throw right hooks all day long?


Tons of fight clips popping up today and I wouldn’t even consider this one of them. I was seriously debating on even posting this since it was so pathetic/boring but then I remembered that this is CitySubwayCreatures and I have to. Even the people on the train were booing in disappointment when it breaks up. But anyway, the Mega Millions is closing in on $600,000,000 people!