Man With One Arm Fights Man With Two Arms…Who You Got?


I have all the respect in the world for MMA fighters. Simply out of their fucking minds to take the kinds of beatings they do for a living and at the end of the day, some are just getting by financially. But I mean you HAVE to call it quits when you lose to a dude with one arm, right? I mean, this is what you do for a living and you just went night-night to a guy who has a total disadvantage. I’m not trying to act like I know everything about the sport but when a guy is missing half his left arm, doesn’t that mean he can’t protect that side of his head? Don’t you throw right hooks all day long?

I Apologize In Advance For Posting This Fight, But It Happened In The Subway


Tons of fight clips popping up today and I wouldn’t even consider this one of them. I was seriously debating on even posting this since it was so pathetic/boring but then I remembered that this is CitySubwayCreatures and I have to. Even the people on the train were booing in disappointment when it breaks up. But anyway, the Mega Millions is closing in on $600,000,000 people!

Female Soccer Player Lays Smack Down On Opponent


You know what? I really don’t see anything wrong here. I think this is the way soccer should be played! At least the chick wasn’t rolling around on the ground like she just got sniped out by Seal Team 6. I say let’em go and whoever gets their ass beat has to hit the showers and their team is down a player. Soccer needs an adrenaline shot and maybe this is the answer. This also made me think of what Jim Rome would say…


Crazy Chick Punches Drunk Guy On Boston Subway


These are the kind of people I avoid at all costs on the subway. Did you not hear that crazy’s laugh? I just keep my earphones in and my extremities away from their pets. Cause if you don’t, it’s t-minus 5 seconds until you get a beat down in front of the whole train. I’m a little curious how the camera guy didn’t see this coming though. You have a psychotic bitch telling everyone that she’s going to punch this guy and to even take videos of it. Not really sure where the shock came into play. And next time how bout you tell everyone you’re sending your video right to CitySubwayCreatures instead!

Side note: How scary of a feeling must that be if you’re that guy and you actually hear this bitch start counting down?

Guy Let’s Kid Punch Him In Face, Both Go On With Their Day As If Nothing Happened


“Tough guy” fail; Man exits turnstile, pushed kid out the way, kid said “What the hell” man returns, states “I’m waiting” the kid gives him a beat down. If you want to push and talk crap, you should back it up.

Why can’t this be the way shit always goes down in these scenarios? The guy pushed the kid out of the way, feels bad, let’s the kid have a free shot, and everyone walks away to continue their day. No cops, no MTA employees getting involved, just pure subway justice working itself out. The kid doesn’t even take his ear phones out and the dude who got punched offers a hand shake afterward. I’m not gonna lie, the clip is weird as hell but no one was arrested or hurt so let’s let bygones be bygones.