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Maybe some of you remember the Ravens fan who went postal when Baltimore kicker Billy Cundiff missed an easy field goal to lose them the game last year. That guy got a run for his money this year when a woman taped her husband flipping shits when the Ravens beat the Broncos over the weekend. Man tears were flowing and a couple of children may need therapy but it made for viral video gold. I would’ve hated to see if the Ravens lost this game!


Kid Goes Ape Shit Over Eaten Noodles

Posted: January 9, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Funny
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I don’t get how things can be that bad. Obama is still president, I’m giving away a good portion of my paycheck to help people not have to live off Ramen noodles, and yet Fat Albert is still crying because big bro’s got the munchies and ate his last bag. Buck up big man, things are on the up. Just a word to the wise, careful who you call bitch though cause you’re on a road to bigger problems than noodles if those ratchets hear that shit again.


Just saved that yell as my alarm clock for Monday mornings. The only thing possibly more terrifying than this woman is the outfit she’s wearing. By far the most intimidating technique of weight lifting I’ve ever seen. Even though she was only putting up about 145 lbs, I felt like it was a small car.

Father Pissed At Slutty Chick On Sky Train

Posted: October 23, 2012 by subwaycreatures in Funny
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Sit your whore ass down! Epic, even though I’m pretty sure my dad would have been slippin’ her singles.


When you troll as hard as this sidewalk sleeper, I would consider getting knocked out a moral victory. If that’s the least that happened to him screaming the N word in a black guy’s face on the subway in Queens, then he should count his blessings. He’ll still wake up homeless but he’ll still be alive. On second thought maybe a quick death was what he was going for.



How this enormous human being did not have a heart attack and/or stroke and die on spot is beyond me! Just a typical McDonald’s All-American right here reacting the same way we all did over the weekend once again about the replacement officials. It’s almost as if they are taunting us now. But as I read on other sites, the NFL isn’t budging to the demands of the referees because…well…they don’t have to. Ratings this weekend were UP from a year ago and people just keep tuning in to these games. As long as that remains consistent Roger Goodell has zero reason to give in and pay these refs what they want. Is the integrity of the game at risk? Yep. But money is what keeps this train running and as long as that keeps coming in, we’re gonna keep seeing venting sessions like this all over the place!


Some of you may have remembered this guy a while back. He was the one who sang Jay-z and Kanye’s “Niggas in Paris” out loud on the subway, followed by Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”. As predictable as Hindu smelling like curry, he finally pissed off the wrong passenger. Can’t say I didn’t see this coming. If you’re on a train with a chick taking the walk of shame, hungover on a Saturday morning and singing “Eye of the Tiger” like Corky from Facts of Life, this is what you’re gonna get.

Yoga 101: Lion Pose

Posted: July 10, 2012 by subwaycreatures in Funny
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D0n’t need yoga to be familiar with this position…giggity!


Never again Grace! What? One more time? Ok!