People Free Man Stuck Between Train And Platform By Pushing Train Back


You think this would happen in NYC? For sure not. Half the people would have cameras out waiting for something terrible to happen and the other half would be grunting and groaning while running to the bus or next subway platform. With everything that’s been going on in the world lately it’s good to see something refreshing like this.



This Bros Method Of Picking Groomsmen For His Wedding Is Epic


I can really appreciate this because this is 100% something I would do if I ever got married. The SportsCenter/draft day music, the matchups, the well written script made this epic. Tiny criticism however–why go this far and read the voice over like a first grader reading to his class? Throw some enthusiasm in there and read it like Ron Jaworski. Better yet get Jaws to read it for you! This is what I’m talking about:



-Thanks to Wolf for sending this over!



Principal Calls Parents About Snow Day In Epic Fashion


EliteDaily: The principal of Stephens Elementary School in Kentucky has a great sense of humor, and he likes to make sure the parents of his students are well-aware of the fun he incorporates into his job. This video shows the principal and another official, possibly a teacher, creating a voice message to be sent to the parents of Stephens Elementary informing them that the school will be closed due to snow. But since leaving an ordinary message would be boring, the two deliver the news in the form of a hilariously epic song that makes us all very jealous of the students lucky enough to have a principal like this guy.


My question is how many parents still took their kids to school the next day thinking this was a prank phone call? I know my ass would’ve been standing in front of a locked school door if my mom was taking that call.